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Why do I need to balance my Pool Water?
Balancing your pool involves testing the pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels, and temperature of your pool water. These four factors contribute to the health of your pool. An unbalanced/unsanitary pool can cause disease and could end up costing you unnecessary time and money.
Why should I test my water at home as well as at Swan Pools?
If your using your pool on a daily basis you'll want to be using your home test kit to check the Chlorine (between 2ppm – 3ppm for W.A. Summers) and pH Levels (7.2 – 7.6) before swimming. These are the two most important factors relating to a safe and comfortable water balance.
How do I determine the correct chlorine level for my Pool or Spa?
To ensure your pool has the correct level of chlorine, take a sample of water from your pool or spa, at elbow depth, and bring it into Swan Pools for computer testing. We’ll analyse your water and recommend the correct chlorine levels for you.
What do I do if there’s Air Bubbles under my Pump Lid?
A majority of the time, when you're having suction issues while trying to manually vacuum or simply can't maintain the water level in your pump basket, the issue is a dry or damaged O-ring. You can either try greasing the o-ring with Silicon Lubricant or bring it on down to us and we'll replace it.
Why do I need Stabiliser?
Stabiliser is basically sunscreen for your pool. It prevent UV light from destroying the chlorine in the water and keeps chlorine stable and available in warmer water. Stabiliser is also required for Chemigems, Viron Feeders and other Liquid Chemical feeding systems to accurately read and balance the water.
What do I do if the Pressure on my Filter won’t come down?
First, for a sand filter, always try a thorough backwash if the pressure is too high on your filter. If you have a cartridge, remove & hose it out. If that doesn't solve the issue straight away there are a few chemical options to help break down the muck and sediment that can build up. Sand Filters need to have their media (usually sand or glass) cleaned and rinsed using “Deluxe Filter Cleaner”, which contains emulsifiers and surfactants to help break up oily/greasy deposits and caked-up algae. This is done without removing any of the media. Cartridge Filters are a little simpler, simply remove the cartridge and treat it with “Filter Klenz”. This should remove any deep-seated stains or finer material stuck in the pleats.
How do I fix my Green Pool?
If it's Green, add Chlorine. It's that simple. It gets a little more complicated after that but not too much. We just need you to check how cloudy the water is and bring down a water sample once the pool is a cloudy blue colour. From there it's usually one of two options  to clear the water then we do a final check & balance.


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