Swan Pools stocks a large range of pool and spa accessories, including cleaning accessories, thermometers, skimmers, spa blowers, and air switch controllers.

Chemical Dosing Systems
Chemical dosing systems are used to measure and control your sanitiser and pH levels. We offer a range of chemical dosing systems, including automatic acid and chlorine injection systems, automatic control systems, and semi-automatic sanitisers and acid dosing pumps.

Construction Equipment
If you’re building you’re own pool, we’re here to make life easier! We stock a wide range of construction accessories. Skimmer boxes, skimmer lid extension rings, main drains, spare baskets, PVC pipe and fittings

Filters play a vital role in the upkeep of your swimming pool as they are used to remove dirt and other matter from the water. They also help to reduce the growth of bacteria.  Swan Pools stocks filters to suit all types of swimming pools, including Sand filters, Glass Media filters, Cartridge filters, hydrocyclone pre-filter cleaners, automatic filter cleaners, laminated sand filters, and more.

With a swimming pool heater you can enjoy your pool all year round. Whether you require a gas heater or an electric heat pump, you’re sure to find what you need through Swan Pools. Our experienced team can recommend the right heater to suit your pool and your budget.

Pool Lighting
Add a touch of style to your swimming pool with spectacular lighting from Swan Pools. We have a variety lighting products to suit pools of all shapes and sizes.

Pool & Spa Controllers
Controllers make it easy to control your pool or spa’s operating system. We can provide a selection of pool and spa controllers from some of Australia’s leading brands.

Kreepy Krauly Cleaners
Swimming pool cleaners take the hassle out of keeping your pool clean. At Swan Pools you’ll find a great range of pool cleaners, including robotic cleaners and suction cleaners to keep your pool in tip-top condition year round.

A Range of Pumps
Swan Pools stocks an extensive range of swimming pool pumps to suit pools of all sizes. 

Salt Chlorinators
At Swan Pools, we believe a healthy pool is a safe pool. We have a large selection of salt chlorinators, some of which have been designed to measure the precise levels of chlorine in your pool, others have a pH sensor and automatically dose your pool with acid.

AquaSpa Pack
Swan Pools makes it easy for spa owners to keep their spa in tip-top condition. Our spa packs contain everything you need to keep your spa clean and free of nasty bacteria. Instead of buying your items individually, consider a AquaSpa Starter Pack from Swan Pools.

Environmentally Friendly Products
Our range includes Energy-Saving Pumps, Mineral-Salt Chlorinators, MicroBan Cartridge Filters, Heat Pumps, and Complete System Controllers. These products have been designed to save you power, water, and time.